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    Hi folks,

    im trying to do a gameboy classic mod (the grey fat one) i want to replace the hardware with a raspberry pi, an accu pack a 3,5″ display and some more stuff.
    i want to emulate the games with RetroPie. For e.g. gameboy advance games it is nessesarry to use x/y buttons to play a game. But according to the layout of the old gamebay: it has not an x or y button. can i config the retropie as followed?:

    pressing select and A => R
    pressing select and B => L

    is it possible to work with input_enable_hotkey_btn or something?

    hope you guys can tell me that this is possible, because this will keep me away from buying additional buttons :P

    thank you verry much :)


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    Pretty sure you mean L & R, not X and Y. Regardless, not sure about key combos but I have seen a few mods with some buttons added to rear of the unit. You could also try adding some more GB buttons above where the current ones are if you are feeling brave.

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    Yes brooksyx, you’re right – sorry :P
    Yeah, i know this kind of mods too, but it is not fancy in my opinion.
    Additional buttons on the front could be difficult. i use a pcb like this, which make work hard for me…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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