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    Hi all, I’m close to the final stage of getting everything set up but I’m still having difficulty getting my ps3 controller working. I accidentally installed the xbox drivers by mistake and now emulationstation won’t detect my controller except as an xbox controller. How do I remove the xbox controller driver so that the ps3 controller is detected as a ps3 controller by ES? Or is it even necessary to remove the xbox drivers?

    I found usr/bin/xboxdrv and usr/bin/xboxdrvctl. Is the driver just these two files, or are there more somewhere? I really suck at Linux.

    I also see at shutdown “sixad not working” in the terminal. Is this related to this problem?

    I’d really appreciate any help on this.

    Edit: never mind! Solved controller issues by removing the two files listed above and doing a hard reboot.

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    Maybe you can help me. I kinda have a similar problem. I got a generic controller to work first then tried to get a 360 controller working. The 360 works in Emulation Station, but not the emulators themselves. When I load the emulators, it looks like they are seeing the generic controller as port 0 and the xbox controller as port 1 and therefore not responding to the xbox controller.

    Any idea how to remove the generic controller?

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    If you want to do it the easy way and just for retroarch-emulators, just try
    sudo ./Retropie-Setup/
    and choose “Register retroarch controller”.

    after you configured it, this should be your first gamepad for retroarch-emulators.

    If you want to do this for more than one Controller, you’ll have to set the gamepadindexes in the retroarch.cfg:
    sudo nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg
    and then watch out for the lines like

    so you could Change this to the corresponding Controller (I think they’re numbered by the USB-ports they’re plugged in at boot, so left upper is 0, left downer is 1, right upper 2 and right downer 3).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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