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    This way still works, I made an easier way a few messages down.

    I’ve spent the day getting linapple to launch disk images directly from retropie and I thought I’d share.

    Please EXIT emulationstation while working with the files.

    First off, who wants that annoying mouse cursor hanging out in the corner?

    To get rid of this, we need to compile from source, so grab youself a copy of putty, or exit to the shell, and lets
    grab a copy of the source code from the authors page.

    ssh over to the pi and enter the following commands.

    wget http://beotiger.com/download/linapple_src-2b
    mv linapple_src-2b linapple_src-2b.tar.bz2
    bunzip2 linapple_src-2b.tar.bz2
    tar -xvf linapple_src-2b.tar
    cd linapple_src-2b/src

    Ok, time to add a line using nano

    nano -c Applewin.cpp

    press ctrl-w (Search) and enter SetUsingCursor

    and on the next empty line under SetUsingCursor(0);
    add the following


    the press ctrl-x to exit and save.

    then type


    After it finishes with the message

    linapple compiled succesfully

    Copy it to retropie linapple directory.

    cp linapple /opt/retropie/emulators/linapple/

    Now you have to edit the linapple.conf file and change a couple of settings to enable mounting and auto run of disks

    nano /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/linapple.conf

    look for and change the following settings.

    Slot 6 Autoload = 1


    Boot at Startup = 1

    Now press ctrl-x to save and exit.

    Now we need change another file.

    nano /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/startlinapple.sh

    And put the following in it.

    var2="Disk Image 1 = "$1
    cat /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/linapple.conf  | sed -e "s,.*Disk Image 1.*,$var2," >> /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/linapple.tmp
    rm /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/linapple.conf
    mv /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/linapple.tmp /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/linapple.conf
    pushd "/opt/retropie/emulators/linapple"

    Now press ctrl-x to save and exit.

    Now lets edit the emulators.cfg

    nano /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/emulators.cfg

    change the top line to read

    linapple="/opt/retropie/configs/apple2/startlinapple.sh %ROM%"

    Don’t worry folks, we are very nearly done!

    last file to edit..

    sudo nano /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

    And change the apple file extension to read

    <extension>.nib .NIB .do .DO .po .PO .dsk .DSK</extension>

    Now just put your dsk images in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/apple2/
    and restart emulation station.



    Thanks – I have opened a ticket here


    I can implement the above changes when I get a chance, but feel free to submit a pull request if you would like to do them yourself.


    I was able to follow your instructions line by line…
    Just to clarify though, when you say:

    Now we need change another file.
    nano /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/startlinapple.sh

    Do you mean we need to create a new file?

    Aside from that, everything went smooth. All the ROMS show up under the Apple II however when I try to run anything, I keep getting booted back to the game selection. Am I missing anything?


    Do you mean we need to create a new file?

    Yes, that one is a new file.

    This was still bothering me today, so I went back to the source code and made a version that works with the following launch command

    /opt/retropie/emulators/linapple/linapple -1 %ROM%

    It has hardcoded paths to the following.


    Launching with -1 /path/to/disk/from/the/root/disk.dsk will mount the disk and enable autorun.

    Launching without a -1 will work the old way.

    Here’s a link to the source code.

    wget http://www.svfdtn.com/mtx/linapple_src-2b-retropie.tar.gz
    tar -xvzf linapple_src-2b-retropie.tar.gz
    cd linapple_src-2b-retropie/src/
    cp ../linapple /opt/retropie/emulators/linapple/
    wget http://www.svfdtn.com/mtx/emulators.zip
    unzip emulators.zip
    cp emulators.cfg /opt/retropie/configs/apple2/
    sudo nano /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

    The last command will leave you in the editor for the es_systems.cfg file.

    Find the apple2 system and change the extension line to read.

    <extension>.nib .NIB .do .DO .po .PO .dsk .DSK</extension>

    Now just put your dsk images in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/apple2/
    and restart emulation station.



    Thank you dabone!

    Your instructions were spot on… Now I can load directly from Emulation Station as well… You rock!


    Hey there,

    Thanks for the great effort! I’ve updated using the original info from the first post. I now have the ROMs displaying in the Apple II page in ES, but selecting boot back to the list right away.

    Does anyone have links to the updated source code from the second / new set of instructions, as those links are dead?

    Tx, cheers!


    You can find the latest version I did at.

    Linapple Pie Githubpage

    Most of the changes are listed here…


    It also supports quitting by button combo on the joystick, see the linapple.conf for details.



    I did the first post, it lists the images, but they don’t run and just boot back to the menu. I tried the 2nd post, but the links are dead from the firefighter website you used lol.

    And the post above from 1/27/16, I have no idea what to do with that info to fix it so it works. Being pretty new at this stuff, can someone do a step-by-step outline as in dabone’s first post on how to get it actually working?



    I’ll try to get around to doing a new walkthru this weekend.


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