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    Hello. i have some very hard problem. Im try to used all 3 gamepads.
    1. USB Keyboard, 2. XBOX 360 Wirelles PAD and 3. Db9_GPIO_RPI as Amiga Joystick.

    All working in EMULATION STATION and Amiga joystick working in UAE4ALL and ATARI 800 but in all LIBRETRO emus my XBOX PAD is always configured as GAMEPAD #2 but in ES i see as GAMEPAD #3.

    When dissable my db9_gpio_rpi (Amiga Joystick) when my XBOX 360 PAD is in ES as #2 when enbale db9_gpio_rpi XBOX 360 PAD is in ES as #3. Where i can change the # of gamepad or change db9_gpio_rpi (Amiga Joystick) to gamepad #3.

    Thankyou for help :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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