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    This guide will enable your Raspberry PI to work with NVIDIA Gamestream to stream Steam games to your Raspberry pi. To use this Guide you must have a Gamestream ready PC with a Gamestream enabled NVIDIA GPU.

    With this guid you get limelight integrated to Emulation station for quick access and the games will run 1080p / 30FPS with basically zero input lag (tested with a wired connection and Raspberry pi 2)

    This guide is intended for Rasperry Pi 2 with Retropie, but should also work on a Pi B+

    I strongly suggest you configure your host PC to use a static IP-address, before you start!

    In the shell with the PI-user

    install limelight:

    pi@retropie ~ $ mkdir limelight

    pi@retropie ~ $ cd limelight

    pi@retropie ~/limelight $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-jdk  pi@retropie ~/limelight $ wget

    pi@retropie ~/limelight $ wget

    Next pair your computer with limelight

    Lookup your Nvidia Gamestream PC:s IP address

    pi@retropie ~/limelight $ java -jar limelight.jar discover

    pi@retropie ~/limelight $ java -jar limelight.jar pair XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

    (for use the ip-address found with discover)

    Now input the displayed number on the host PC

    Next we configure a key map for the USB-controller used with limelight (if event0 does not give you the proper device you can try next event1-event3)

    pi@retropie ~/limelight $ java -jar limelight.jar map -input /dev/input/event0

    Add limelight to the ports section of Emulation station for easy access

    pi@retropie ~ $ cd /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/

    pi@retropie ~/RetroPie/roms/ports $ nano

    in nano add this text:


    cd /home/pi/limelight/ && java -jar limelight.jar stream -1080 -30fps XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -app Steam -mapping

    (for use the ip-address from before)

    press ctrl+x and press y and enter

    pi@retropie ~/RetroPie/roms/ports $ chmod +x

    restart the raspberry pi and limelight will be available from the ports section

    Post count: 8

    This guide is now obsolete… Made an installer script to make things easy for everyone:

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