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    I wanna use a super nintendo controller (plug and play) for my project but i need an analog stick and 2 more buttons for it to work. do i just use a wii nunchuck adapter and try to sqeeze it into the case or do i have to solder the two controllers to gpio or something? i want it to be for a single player but have 2 controllers under one player. i may consider using
    a modified wiimote with some metal rods connecting fake buttons to real buttons and have a nunchuck on it, but i would need a dongle and an extra wiimote and nunchuck, which would exit my $30 budget for peripherals. please help.

    (P.S: does a mayflash wii classic controller usb adapter need any drivers? this could be a painless way out if its possible but i would still need one more button for the emulators i plan on using.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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