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    I ran one of the update scripts in retrpie-config and now I suddenly have duplicates for lots of games and it re-added systems that I had already removed:

    – XBMC (No idea where this came from)
    – quake
    – darkplacesquake (doesn’t run)
    – minecraft (doesn’t run)
    – dukenukem3d shareware (duplicate! I already have “Duke Nukem 3D”)
    – doom
    – Doom 1 Shareware (it added BOTH of these to the list??)
    – Apple II (no apps)
    – Macantosh (no apps)
    – IBM (no Apps)

    I know I can remove these from es_systems, as I’ve done it before – but can I prevent these from being added again in the future? Is there somewhere that I can select systems I want to be auto added when I update my binaries instead of it adding them all each time?

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    you would have to build from source, selecting the packages you want, do not update binaries if you do not want all of these things to come
    the update binaries option will get EVERYTHING, its meant for ease-of-use but i have since switched over entirely to just building from source

    the great thing about it is you can add more emulators later if you don’t want them all right away

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    The retropie-setup script needs a few changes to avoid adding experimental stuff to menus during a binary install. I’ll get onto that.

    there have been large changes in retropie in recent weeks to separate source and binary and reworking of the modules. This means that a lot of stuff has moved/been renamed in /opt/retropie – it might be worth removing /opt/retropie (after saving any of your customisations) and and /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg and do the binary reinstall again. You may need to remove the ~/RetroPie/roms/ports/* stuff too beforehand.

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    for a minimal / controlled install you can also use the “” script, which is a commandline tool for installing packages. run it without parameters for instructions. You can then do things like

    “sudo ./retropie_packages mame4all” to get sources/build/install/configure mame4all or

    “sudo ./retropie_packages mame4all sources” to just get mame4all sources and so on.

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    I was messing with the retropie_packages script last night and it didn’t do anything at all. I’d run it and I got no output whatsoever. I tried:

    sudo ./retropie_packages Stella sources
    sudo ./retropie_packages 215 sources
    sudo ./retropie_packages 215/stellalibretro sources

    They all just sat for a second then brought me back to the command line. I tried build, install, etc… nothing. (should there be output?)

    So, at this point should I just nuke this SD card and start over again? Does the latest SD image reflect these new changes?

    Really, all I’m looking for is:

    MAME, NES, SNES, Stella and Open Arena

    Everything else is neat, but I find don’t run that great on my Pi – I have the 256M ram version of vB.

    But at the same time, I want to be able to run updates every few weeks and make sure I have the latest versions of things without installing a bunch of things I removed.

    So, just to clarify – currently, going into retropie-setup will install everything, even if I run the Update Binaries menu option?

    If I choose to start over with a new resbian SD card – do I download the retropie scripts and then run:

    sudo ./retropie_packages EmulationStation install
    sudo ./retropie_packages Stella install

    or do I have to run sources, then build, then install, then configure for each one? To update would just rerun the commands?

    Sorry to ask so many questions. :)

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    Just start with “sudo ./” and select the emus you are looking for under “Source based installation”. Ports can be removed under /home/pi/retropie/rom/ports.

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