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    Hey I was looking into getting a Raspberry Pi and using RetroPie to emulate some old systems. I was wondering if it was possible to hot-swap controllers? I was planning to get some of the Retro-Bit USB controllers that look like the N64, Sega Genesis, or SNES controllers. I was wondering if it was possible to, say, plug in the Sega controller and play some Sonic for a while. When I was done, if I wanted to play some N64, unplug the Sega controller and plug in the N64 controller and have it work.

    Do I have to set up these controllers every time, or will is there a way for it to “know” what controller is there and behave appropriately?


    They should all work as long as they are generic usb controllers. Where you might run into a problem is B and A on a NES controller might not register the same input as the X and O on the PS1 controller. If that’s the case there may be a way around it using retroarch menu, but I’m not sure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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