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    Hi, i need hel with the configuration of xbox controller.
    I have added in rc.local this line:

    –ui-buttonmap “guide=KEY_ESCAPE”

    i have tested that if i push guide button of xbox360 controller output is ESC key.
    If i use gpsp:
    -i use guide button the emulator closed.
    -i use ESC key emulator closed.
    If i use others emulators:
    -i use guide button nothings happens.
    -i use ESC key emulators closed.

    Why this happens?
    I want exit from all emulator with GUIDE button.
    If i set guide button as 10 and exit emulators with btn=10 all works but i can’t exit from gpsp easy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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