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    Hi, I’ll just start by saying what a FANTASTIC project this is. Kudos to you.

    I have been restoring an old Galaga cocktail table, and have tried installing many different versions of Retropie. No matter what I did, I could not seem to compile all of the emulators correctly, and was forced to use the image (2.3). I plan on using an IPAC ultimate (keyboard emulator) for the two player controls on the arcade table, and using a bluetooth dongle and 2 PS3 controllers as well. After following the instructions here: http://dhoium3009.wordpress.com/raspberry-pi-connecting-multiple-ps3-controllers-via-bluetooth/
    I get errors trying to make sixad, and I kind of fall apart there. Does anyone have a keyboard emulator AND PS3 controller running at the same time? I can get most emulators, including mame4allpi and the SNES emulator in retroarch, to run well. I am getting a bit confused as to the editing of the retroarch.cfg file to include a second, third, and fourth player. Also, I can seem to get the bluetooth stuff compiled correctly. Does anyone possibly have an image of 2.3 that has successfully installed ps3 bluetooth included? Or can someone help walk me through that part?


    I am very new with all this and still have some issues, but my PS3 cont. works via bluetooth. After spending so much time looking up guides (that were focused on the old RetroPie) a just used the automatic PS3 setup in R.Pie config option.
    cd RetroPie-Setup/
    sudo ./retropie_setup.sh
    You pair it while USB connected and it works fine. I am still having some issues with it for certain emulators, but it works.
    BTW, my BT dongle is from Asus, not the cheap crap, so that might help.


    OK, well, I have the bluetooth working, EXCEPT of course with MAME4ALL-PI and Neo Geo :( I found a copy of mame4all-pi already compiled to work, but it’s for the raspi b+ and I don’t think it will work with my version, which is an older one. Does anyone per chance have a working with ps3 controller via bluetooth already compiled mame4allpi? Also, where does ES look for images and descriptions? I have been using the emumovies scraper which works great. I just can’t for the life of me figure out where to upload the images.



    Have you configured the controller settings for MAME4ALL and Neo Geo? They don’t use retroarch and require you to enter individual settings for them.

    Also, ES looks for images and descriptions from thegamesdb.net. The site has been down more often than not the past few days, so this could be the reason for problems your having.


    No, I have the controller working in Neo Geo and MAME with their own settings files. I actually saw the mame.cfg file right off the bat. And I’ve programmed controls in the emulators themselves, so it’s working well. I’m really now, just trying to figure a way to flip MAME display by 90 or 270 degrees. mame4all-pi doesn’t even look at the retroarch.cfg file, (as you stated exonerated) and the “flip x and y axis” isn’t realy what I wanted. What I would LOVE is the ability to tell is to flip certain games only and leave the others as they are. In a last resort, was just going to add advmame as another emulator, and give it it’s own romset, (games which can be played cocktail style) and just have two different mame emulators. That’s not a very good solution, but for now it’s all I’ve come up with.
    Also, it SUCKS having thegamesdb down.

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