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    I am so excited about my new 512mb Raspberry Pi, and also the RetroPie that I recently installed. I purchased a wired PS3 USB online, and was able to transfer ROMS via USB….so I’m somewhere!

    Here’s my issue: Even though I used the automated-click-the-button-that-corresponds prompts, neither my keyboard/mouse nor PS3 controller will respond within the emulators themselves (nor will the PS3 controller function as a menu navigator).

    I’ve read various blogs, and I’ve found no help. Perhaps one of you can help me configure these step by step?

    This might be useful: “Shining Force” in SEGA GENESIS works fine with my keyboard/mouse, and so does the default Duke Nukem game… however Mario All Stars and Mario Kart 64 don’t respond well, or at all, to either of my controllers. I will post the controllers I am using below, so if you are able to help you can reference what I am using. Thanks again for your help, I know this question has been asked a lot and it may be frustrating for you experts out there ;) … UTF8&psc=1 … spberry+pi

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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