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    I need a little help getting psx emulation to work in RetroPie. I have followed various set up guides, but they all seem out of date, with configuration files in the wrong places.

    This one seems the most recent, but still not quite right:

    So far I have:

    Downloaded a BIOS file to the BIOS directory
    Downloaded a rom to roms/psx

    Added the line

    system_directory= /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS

    to retroarch.cfg

    but games are not showing up in Emulation and I don’t even know how to start the emulator from the command line!

    Any help with the final steps would be much appreciated.

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    What file format are your ROMS in?

    I’m new to RetroPie but I did manage to have a few games running by just copying the .bin files to the PSX rom folder.

    The problem is that PSX games are usually split into more than one .bin file and therefore show up as multiple entries on the game list in the PlayStation section.

    I did read elsewhere that the emulator can be forced to read the .cue files only but this apparently requires editing of the file which because of permission issues, I am so far unable to do.

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    With a clean 2.6 image, you should be able to put the SCPH1001.BIN BIOS file into the BIOS folder and your playstation disk images into the ROMS/PSX folder and play almost immediately. You’ll need to reboot the Pi or restart EmulationStation to have it detect the new files.

    By default, the EmulationStation will detect the following as PSX ROMs:
    bin .BIN .cbn .CBN .CUE .cue .iso .ISO .mdf .MDF .pbp .PBP .toc .TOC .z .Z .znx .ZNX

    You can edit ES_Systems.cfg to have it also open .IMG as well (and not open .CUE).

    To take ownership of ES_Systems.cfg so you can edit it, do the following:
    sudo chown pi /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg
    Then edit /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

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    Thanks. My mistake was that I hadn’t decompressed the bin files.

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