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    Hi want to add a movie system to my retropie. Therefor i downloaded and installed OMXPlayer. Then i added this

            <extension>.mkv .MKV</extension>
            <command>omxplayer -o hdmi -r  %ROM%</command>

    to the es_config file and added a movies Theme to the themes folder.
    I can select a movie and it starts but my keyboard inputs arent detected from omxplayer so i cant leave the movie and need to reboot which works from keyboard.

    I also tried it with an sh file and opened omx in xterm
    xterm -fullscreen -fg black -bg black -e omxplayer -o hdmi -r $1
    but then i get a display error..

    I probably have to kill Emulationstation and restart after closing the movie but i am new with bash and dont know how to do callbacks.
    Thanks for the time

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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