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    Overall, this is a GREAT working project, the image is working very well, and I’ve got my emulators set up how I want them, running off of a thumbdrive (easy and cheap upgrade!), and things are overall great.

    To my question, ideally I would like to have a way to switch my audio output VIA emulation station and a controller. When at home, I’ll plug in a 3.5 mm plug to my stereo system. When out at other houses or at hotels, HDMI audio output would be preferred.

    But I don’t want to bring a keyboard everywhere to manually change the config file. So I was wondering if someone could help me out. I’m not Linux savvy, only google savvy, but haven’t found this one yet.

    Is it possible to make two command files, under a listing that says maybe “Audio Options” in emulationstation? One command file will modify (overwrite) the config putting all the settings the same but switching the audio out of the 3.5mm (perhaps labeled “Audio Headphone Jack”). The other will modify the config by putting the audio out of the HDMI. I realize rebooting will be necessary after running the script, but that’s not an issue.

    I’ve seen people figure out how to place a link to RaspBMC in emulation station, and vice-versa, which would essentially run a script starting RaspBMC and quitting emulationstation (and vice-versa). So I wonder if some file could be made to sudo-modify the config on the boot partition of the SD Card, and then I’ll simply restart the pi so it then loads the NEW configuration.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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