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    Hey y’all, anyone have an idea on why I can’t remove some of my files off my Pi. I’m using WinSCP and I get an error saying my permission is denied. So I went through windows explorer and got the same issue. I opened Putty after that and went to the directory and did the command “rm *” and the error came up saying I couldnt delete anything because “——; is a directory”
    Any ideas on how I can get around this? Thanks.

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    you can use rm -rf ./directoryname do watch out it will not ask for confirmation using those settings.

    Also i have seen the error and it’s probably due to the fact that some files are created with a user with more rights. You can also try chmod 777 directory or file on the file you can’t delete not sure if it works recursive though but that’s what i did when i could not edit gngeorc file (had same error).

    also prefix the commando’s with sudo if you still have problems

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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