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    I’m having trouble with the lr-gpsp and pokemon games.
    I have the bios, in the bios folder. Other GBA games like super mario world work fine, even Driv3r works fine.
    But Pokemon Ruby, Emerald, or Moemon Emerald(modded emerald) refuse to work.
    Wing Commander Prophecy doesn’t work either. The game names do not have spaces or anything either.

    The games DO work in normal gpsp, just not lr-gpsp, so i’m wondering if it’s an option. They’ll flash for a split second and then it’ll go back to emulationstation.
    Thank you

    Edit: i remove the entries from the game_config.txt
    it still finds it in some over ini file.. i noticed games without entries, tend to run more often than games with entries.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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