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    Using retropie 3.0, with some various updates.
    Trying to use Kodi with a teensy 2.0 joystick.
    It’s 1 analog stick, with a bunch of buttons, and programming them to work as a keyboard isn’t really an option.
    I read there are commands to enable joystick and enable sdl when compiling, to keep jst working, but I don’t know how to do that, and i haven’t seen anyone confirm whether or not it works.

    I can only seem to find videos on how to get an xbox360 gamepad to work, but nothing about generic usb joystick/gamepads. If anyone has any info that could help me get my teensy 2.0 arduino joystick to work in kodi, without emulating keypresses, please let me know. OR if a script can be made to convert gamepad presses to virtual keyboard keypresses, a script that closes when kodi closes. That could work too i think.
    Thank you

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    You are correct- the joystick flags need to be enabled when compiling- the build we use didnt enable them when they compiled the repo. So we may look into compiling it ourselves in the future but it all pends on the repo we pull from now when they update to kodi 15. may be a while before we get it all sorted. Of course you can always try to compile it yourself (but its a headache and I haven’t figured out how to do it myself yet) so until then unless you have an xbox 360 controller, I don’t know of any simple way to integrate joypad controls in kodi. I typically just use the yatse app on my smartphone.

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    If a person has the skills for such, i assume it would be easy to inject the new flags in, when downloading the source, just download a replacement file as well that has the flags enabled before it compiles. To me it sounds easy, but maybe not since i’m not actually experienced with any of that.
    Considering retropie users have all kinds of configurations, it really is something i figured would be enabled by default. Just create our own fork with those flags enabled.

    I play a lot of games on my gameboypi but being able to play movies and music too would be a nice addition.

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