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    Hello new to the forum, im a bit of a noob with retropie and i need some help i am trying to build a rasbperry pi gameboy everything is built setup apart from controllers and im having a nightmare with them.

    Ive been following the guide on adafruit for the super game pi

    Now what ive done is bought a snes controller and cut the pcb board where i was meant to and soldered wires on to them and connected them to te right pins that i setup in retrogame but nothing works i have also got 4 push buttons on the back for diffrent emulators but they dont work either, now i havent tryed them in an emulator, where i have tested them is on emulation station where you configure buttons but nothing happerns? Im so close to finishing but ive hit this,

    Ive formatted the sd and started again so i fort before i try a would ask you guys, please help


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    Hello i also getting my Pi in today soon and looking for help on this Subject. I’m also confused on how to set it up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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