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    I cannot get my SNES controllers to work with Retropie. I would be glad if anyone could help!

    I installed SNESdev using the retropie setup. lsmod shows that uinput is loaded, but /dev/input does not contain js0 or js1, although two SNES controllers are connected to the GPIO adapter. I could not find the button test program, so I could not test that yet.

    here is my config-details.zip: http://dirtyhack.de/retropie/config-details.zip

    On the software side:

    I used the SD card image for retropie 3.2.1 and after initial configuration, installed SNESdev using the retropie setup menu. I explicitly selected the Version 2 adapter that I use.

    On the hardware side:

    I bought the RetroPie GPIO Adapter and soldered it together, soldering the crimp connector cables to two extension SNES cables. I checked all the connections with a multimeter and made sure the pinouts are right as seen on the “Getting started with GPIO adapter” page. Using the multimeter I also determined I have +3.3V btw PWR and GND on the extension cables.

    I use a raspberry Pi B.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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