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    Tried to find an answer or explanation on my own, but couldn’t

    I have Xin-mo Dual controller.
    Managed to sort out all issues with it except this one. I have wired it together as per scheme what came with it. Everything seems to be working flawlessly. Despite few weird things.

    P1 Button & Axis ( From jstest)
    Up/Down – Axis 3
    Left/Right – Axis 2
    Buttons 10 – 18

    P2 Button & Axis ( From jstest)
    Up/Down – Axis 1
    Left/Right – Axis 0
    Buttons 0 – 9

    When i’m trying to set up gpsp on P1 side it doesn’t want to recognize joystick( axis 2 & 3) As well buttons higher than 15.

    Everything can be set up on P2 side without any issues.
    Also it numbers buttons a bit differently than jstest shows. It adds +1 to every single number.
    For example in jstest i see buttons from 0 – 15, In gpsp when i’m mapping them they become 1 – 16.

    I wonder if there’s any workaround in this situation other than re-wire sides, re config rest of emulators
    As everything is already built in in bartop type arcade, and most of it is already closed down.

    Also i would like to say thanks to this community. As this is my first Raspberry Pi project. As well pretty much first Linux based experience. And i have found 95% answers/how-to’s related to any type of issues I’ve had here.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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