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    So I have a Raspberry Pi B, and I’m running the newest version of RetroPie thats currently available to download off the site.

    When trying to play some of the 3D games (Smash Brothers, Crash Bandicoot), I have an awful amount of lag for rendering the video.

    I have set the available memory for the GPU to 488Mb (the highest possible I am informed), and it hasn’t made any difference.

    My question, is whether this is an issue with the current build, is it something that I can easily fix, or is it simply due to the fact that my Pi is an older model?

    (As an afterthought, I have played some of Pokemon Blue, which works perfectly, so its not that the Pi is damaged or that I didn’t image my SD card properly or something).

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    You won’t run PSX games at full speed using the Raspberry Pi 1. Just 2D games works fine like Klonoa, Castlevania, etc…

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    In my experience my friend i have found that the pi 2 3d games alot better as the pi 2 suffers with this. i do not believe its your sd, as you will probably know that most other platforms work ok ie Genesis and snes etc. I suggest if you require these games a pi 2 would probably do the job.


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    I agree with the others; Pi1 is not powerful enough to emulate PS1 games perfectly. Overclocking does help but you’ll need to go to 1000mhz for *playable* PS1 games.

    No need to edit GPU memory allocation; 128mb is plenty.

    Get a Pi2 and you’ll be much happier :)

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    Thanks guys. I had suspected that it would simply be a matter of it being an older Pi, but I just wanted to make sure.

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