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    Hi All,

    The plan is to make a template background image for all Emulators, Then add in the specific buttons for each one and then apply to the theme background.So before playing any games they can see what does what and how to exit and save etc.
    It will be a pretty basic background with the controller image (see attached jpeg) along the top maybe with the button config/hot keys along the bottom. Maybe different colours.. Ideas?

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    I have been tossing ideas around but have not come to a solution I like yet.

    The furthest I have ever gotten is

    The problem with this is the left controller does not help to specify what the console calls its actual button.

    The hotkeys that would be worth noting are

    Exit Emulator
    Reset ROM
    Emulator Menu
    Next Save Stated Slot
    Previous Saved State Slot
    Load Saved State
    Save State
    Fast Forward

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    You mean kinda like all the controllers on this page?

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    I like this idea. My plan is doing this a la blueprint on the theme Im working, on the lower part of the system selection menu,making it less intrusive and compatible with different backgrounds( or reusable in different themes), but it is a lot of work tracing all the controllers, and found the same problem as you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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