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    Question for the devs; what does the future hold for RetroPie? What are your plans for the future with updates, and do you have defined goals you wish to achieve?

    I personally would like to see a self contained Retro Pie where you are able to update the whole system while on the Pi (something akin to Kodi).

    I can be quite frustrating making the perfect system, then a week later a new version is available and you have to re-flash the memory card.

    I’d also like to the see the ‘nbba 1.1’ theme added to RetroPie. It looks so sleek and professional.

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    Nbba theme has already been added: it can be installed from the setup script. Once it’s more complete we may look into making it the default.

    As far as future updates its something we’ll look into but there are still a lot of changes in paths etc that make keeping it backwards compatible impractical.

    In the future I’d personally like to simplify the first boot sequence where the user gets to choose the emulators they want rather than having a bunch of unwanted emulators by default.

    Of course the main priority is to make sure the emulators are working and updated. Everything else is extra.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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