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    Here’s my Full Upright, RetroPie-powered Arcade Cabinet. Here’s the list of components and cost:

    27″ CRT TV – Free
    Lethal Enforcers Arcade Cabinet – $50
    Raspbery Pi + 32GB MicroSD Card – $65
    HDMI -> Component Converter – $45
    Used X-Arcade Dual Tankstick – $100

    The best part is the cabinet’s original speakers and marquee light STILL worked! A buddy of mine helped rewire the speakers to be powered by the TV and added an external switch to the cabinet so the TV can be powered on/off. It’s fully functional now and all that’s left is cosmetic work.

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    Ciuld you give me a link to the HDMI-component converter you bought?

    I want to use muy RPi2 with a CRT TV, but the composite output doesn’t give quality enough…

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    This is the one, I got:

    Kanex Pro HDMI to Component Converter with Audio for PS4, Xbox One, Full HD 1080p (HDRGBRL)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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