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    Being able to use the fs-uae emulator would be cool. I’m not really a fan of the uae4all GUI as it doesn’t seem to allow you to export / import configuration files.

    fs-uae would be much better in this regard, and it would be possible to launch ROMS from the main Retropie menu. It claims to be working here, but has anyone managed it?



    It does work, but its extremely slow. Even on Rpi2 with adjustments to the makefiles to build for arm7, you can’t even get a full speed A500 out of it.

    FS-uae uses the modern WinUAE cores which are focused on acccuracy. Unfortunatley this makes it a lot more CPU intensive than uae4all so i cant imagine this ever working smoothly on the PI.

    Uae4all2s menu has been built for touchscreen/android (and works well for that platform) No work has gone into adapting this to raspberry, hence a lot of the menu options not working.

    There is a fork of uae4all2 by chips that allows setting options from the commandline along with improvements to graphics handling. Unfortunately this is not the version used in retropie right now.


    Ok. thanks for the explanation about fs-uae. The new version of uae4all2 sounds promising. You mean this one? I’ll have a play with it and try and get it running

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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