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    i’m wondering if these enhancements could help our community…
    these are just a few ideas coming from my days as part of the Senior Team at Mobile Phone Modding Site,

    1: a thanks button, for individual posts, and if possible a “thanks count” in the thread title info?

    2: addition to the RetroPie Wiki, maybe the posts/answers/solution etc with a sensible number of “thanks”, could get added to the/a general section of the wiki pages. (herb, this is by no means a criticism of all you’ve done for the wiki!)

    3: a spam button (don’t think that needs clarifying)

    4: the possibility of creating a nice little community for RetroPie and the OwncloudPie script.

    below is a link to the site i was involved in,


    of course that site is quite big and wide spread, maybe a few more sub-forums could be added, so as posts could be set into categories, for all to find/ share things easier?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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