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    I currently am using a PS3 controller wired through USB and a PS4 controller wired through USB and I’m having a problem with the controllers because depending on which one I have plugged in at any given time, the button layouts are different.

    So if sometimes I’m using just my PS3 controller then I have to make sure my controller settings in the RetroArch and mame config files are one way, or if I choose to just use my PS4 controller they have to be altered for that. And when I have them both plugged in, it seems random which controller it chooses to make js0 or js1. Is there any way for me to force a specific controller to be a specific location? I mean forcing the PS3 controller to be js0 always and the PS4 controller to be js1. And if not that, any way to setup the config files to know the difference.

    I know I could just get another PS3 or PS4 controller, so the mappings are the same, or get new controllers all together, but sometimes I’m using one, or both and I wanted to know if anyone knows a way to force specific controllers to be js0 or js1.

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