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    I downloaded and installed the most recent building of the retropie image, and I’ve completed the configuration. I created a splash image and loaded it onto my pie in the roms folder. I moved it over to the etc folder without error, but the splashscreen is still the default…

    1) There was no existing splashscreen.png file in the etc folder. Has this file been moved and the instructions here not updated? – I assumed my file would replace this one and there would be no further action needed.

    2) This was asked before and not answered, but I was interested as well. What is the ideal image size for a splashscreen image?

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    Thought it might be helpful to follow up on my own issue here…

    Yes, the location has apparently changed. I spent quite a bit of time tooling around and eventually downloaded a splashscreen.list file from the pi via winscp. When you open this file in notepad, it references the location of the splashscreen, which was here: “/home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/supplementary/splashscreens/retropieproject/splashscreen.png”

    However, there was a larger issue, my file size (get it, wicked pun). When I built my png file, it ended up being huge, somewhere in the 2000×1000 range which also made the file size pretty jumbo too. This makes me wonder if uploading to the root works, but my file was too large, but I don’t think so.

    Anyway, I uploaded to the location above, and it didn’t work, in fact it just dropped right into emustation. I grabbed the size from the default image, 590 x 393 which brought the size down to under 200k and uploaded again, wala, it works like a charm. So two points here…

    File size: 590×393
    Location: “/home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/supplementary/splashscreens/retropieproject/splashscreen.png”

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