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    How come when people post their es_settings.cfg it doesn’t look anything like mine? I used the sdcard image and my file just has this:

    GNU nano 2.2.6 File: es_settings.cfg

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <bool name="DrawFramerate" value="false" />
    <bool name="EnableSounds" value="true" />
    <bool name="QuickSystemSelect" value="true" />
    <bool name="ScrapeRatings" value="true" />
    <bool name="ShowHelpPrompts" value="true" />
    <int name="ScraperResizeHeight" value="0" />
    <int name="ScraperResizeWidth" value="400" />
    <int name="ScreenSaverTime" value="300000" />
    <string name="Scraper" value="TheGamesDB" />
    <string name="ScreenSaverBehavior" value="dim" />
    <string name="ThemeSet" value="simple" />
    <string name="TransitionStyle" value="fade" />

    For example, many times I’ll read instructions on how to add scrape game infor and it’ll just say “add the game ID to the corresponding section in your es_settings.cfg file – and I dont have any such section. I’d create it, but I’m not sure what exactly goes in there..

    For example..

    ` NAME=nes
    DESCNAME=Nintendo Entertainment System
    COMMAND=retroarch -L /path/to/core %ROM%

    What is /path/to/core referencing? core what?

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    That looks like the /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg file

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