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    Hey guys my name is Josh i go by the name [url=]ZombieRobot[/url] in the Kodi skinnng community i am wondering if i could ask for a skinning request.

    Below is a topic i posted in the emulationstation forums before realizing that development has slowed/stopped so i came here to see if…

    #1 development is still going
    #2 if so can someone help pointing me in the right direction/info that can get this done.

    I have looked at attack mode and although a nice frontend i have more interest in Emulationstation.

    I know we don’t scrape for more than 1 game image but i was wondering for the ability to scrape (or if that’s too much work) just an option to call other images related to current game in gamelist.

    If this can already be done somehow forget all this i’m sorry i have read github page on themes and old blog posts but couldn’t see if it could be done

    Something like this in game list.xml that i can make calls for more images.

    		<path>./Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA).nes</path>
    		<name>Adventures of Lolo 2</name>
    		<desc>Adventures of Lolo 2 is a sequel to Adventures of Lolo (NES). Once again, the brave blue ball-like Lolo has to save the princess from the evil demons, who kidnapped her and imprisoned her in a high tower. Solve puzzles to proceed from room to room. Push tiles, eat hearts, turn green dragons into white eggs, and protect yourself from enemies firing at you and chasing you all over the room.</desc>
    		<image>~/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/nes/Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA)-image.jpg</image>
    		<image2>~/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/nes/Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA)-image2.png</image2>
    		<developer>HAL Laboratory</developer>
    		<publisher>HAL Laboratory</publisher>

    I don’t want to bog down any raspberry pi setups scraping for 1000 hours trying to scrape 4 images per game nor try and load all the images at the same time but as far as skinning a theme goes just having the ability for possible game logos, background image, screenshot image would be amazing for skinning.

    Anyway thank you for your amazing work Emulationstation is fatastic and i’m looking forward to skinning themes for it

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    Welcome! I’m not necessarily the best person to answer, being but a lowly themester myself, but since you haven’t gotten any other responses..

    I believe development on Emulation Station has been halted, at least for now. As is, there is no way to associate additional images on a per-game basis, unfortunately.

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