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    Thanks for RetroPie. I started fiddling with it recently (ver2.3).

    Twice, I have had this problem where emulationstation no longer automatically starts up after the device has booted. The second time was immediately after I was at a command line and switched to the root user (sudo su -). When I switched to the root user, the directory /root/.emulationstation was created, so maybe that has caused the device to no longer start emulationstation.

    Instead, the device boots to a command-line, from where I can run emulationstation manually. However, a fresh image will start emulationstation without intervention.

    It is not obvious to me how emulationstation is started. I checked for ~/.xprofile and ~/.xinitrc files for the “pi” user, but I found nothing.

    So, hopefully someone can point me to the cause of this behaviour so that I can work with it. Thanks for any tips.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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