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    I have this problem with a few emulators. for example the atari800 emulator.

    It runs fine but when I exit, the pi appears to hang and doesn’t go back to the emulationstation menu.
    I also cant then connect via ssh. so I have to power cycle the pi.

    If I run the emulator directly from the command line it works fine, and when I exit it returns to the command prompt.

    What does emulationstation do on an emulator exit to return to the frontend menu.


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    I think I (and others) have the same problem with the Vice emulator.

    Can you try this:
    1. First exit Emulation Station through the options menu.
    2. In the shell screen that follows, type ‘exit’+enter. Now Emulation Station will reload.
    3. Now just start your emulator from ES and see if ES is reloaded properly when you exit the emulator.

    This method works on Vice. If it also works for you, then maybe this can the Retropie developers help to fix the issue.

    Also see this thread on the ES Github about the same problem:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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