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    Good day, everyone. Just want to preface my complaining by saying that I love the Retropie project and I’ve been using it regularly for about half a year now. Just checked back and saw the new 2.0 update and I’ve been configuring it and really enjoying the new look.

    With that out of the way, I seem to have come into an issue causing me a lot of headaches. Most problems I can google-fu out and deal with, but I can’t seem to find any trace online of this sort of problem.

    After booting into Emulation Station with a wireless USB keyboard and my WiFi Adaptor, I can scroll between systems before I get a freeze. I tried plugging/unplugging various inputs to see what was causing it, even swapped around some power and HDMI cables and I’ve come to the conclusion that this happens when my wireless dongle is plugged in.

    I’ve been having issues getting it to consistantly log into my network (seems to be some issues with WPA-TKIP connections), but once I managed to sort of figure that out, I’ve now run into this new roadblock. When I watch the Pi itself during the boot process, the adaptor will light up after the initial ‘RetroPie’ splash screen and blink while the system finishes booting. Once I’m into EmulationStation, it begins blinking in two distinct patters, patterns that I think remind me of it trying to find a connection. Eventually the light goes out and then all my input devices stop being read. Now, I thought it was a power issue but I’ve been using the exact same hardware on my old EmulationStation with no issues so I don’t really think that’s the case.

    Booted it up again, this time with an ethernet connection, and no such problems occur. I can freely roam around the ES menu with no problems. It’s worth noting that I can exit out of ES while the adaptor is in and launch raspbian with no issues.

    I believe I have a regular model B, 50/50 memsplit, Moderate overclock. If there’s any more information I can give to make this solution easier just let me know, but I’m not the most literate when it comes to linux so please be gentle with my lack of extensive knowledge on the matter.

    Thanks for any assisstance.

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    I had similar issues. I also thought about a broken device (bluetooth, wifi, usb-controller). I even bought a new pi…

    The main issue was the power.

    Since i built in my pi in a original NES-Case i screwed a power connector to the case and soldered a usb-cable to it. then i plugged the cable to the mausberry powerswitch and from there to the pi.

    With this setup i had the same issues as you described above.

    When using a 2Amp power supply and connecting it directly to the pi i managed to get it up and running stable.

    good luck ;)

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