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    Hi All,

    I feel like im so close to getting my RetroPie working!

    I have a Raspberry Pi 2 and installed raspbian then Retro via github. After following the guide on expanding the filesystem, re assigning GFX memory I wanted to get my wireless Xbox 360 controller working.

    I have tried installing it via the method here: and via the gui option. Both result in it being mapped to /dev/input/j1 and works in jstest and both methods allow a stable connection on my controller.

    The issue I have is with emulation station and is preventing me testing the whole setup. Firstly it seems only the F4 key works in emulation station meaning I cant even test it using the keyboard. But my main issue is, when emulation station starts the connection to my xbox controller is unstable. It seems to disconnect, starts to search, connects and repeats constantly, 2 seconds of every 10 it is connected. Most of the time does not connect back at all and when it does this I cant even use the F4 on the keyboard to exit out

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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