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    I was curious how good the emulation ability of the new Raspberry Pi 2 B model is, specifically with PS1 and N64 games. I’ve owned the B+ model, but it was incapable of emulating the PS1 and N64 games I own, which was a bit disappointing.

    Is the refresh able to handle PS1 and N64 games now? I’d like a bit of advice/information from people with real world testing of the emulation. I’m a huge fan of N64 games and PS1 turn based RPGs and would love to pick one up to emulate them.

    Thanks everyone!

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    It depends on your games and how much you are willing to tweak settings. I’ve had more luck with PS1 emulation than I have than I have had with N64 (granted I may not have been patient enough to sort out the N64 settings) but that being said the Rpi 2 makes a big difference. Since those two consoles are at the limits of the Rpi 2’s processing power it will be hit and miss but a lot more games function in some form or fashion better than the B+. Plus even if the games don’t all work, there are a lot of added benefits to having an Rpi 2 regardless- faster boot times, more emulator options, and for only $35 its a good investment.

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    Hey check this out

    I have my setup solely for PSX and struggled with it on the B+. The Pi 2 however runs every PSX game I have tried flawlessly. Sound and speed wise.

    Currentally I am 22 15 hours into Final Fantasy Tatics, blitzed through Diablo for a few hours and just finished Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver. I have played about an hour into ff9 with no issues with any of the above.

    I cannot comment on N64 as I have not tried.

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