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    Tip I just discovered here that may be useful to someone else.

    After I get a large set of ROMs scrapped in automatic mode, some of them was with wrong names and data in gamelist. The emulationstation rom list shows the game name tree or four times in a row for some games and it’s a hard work to search, find and rename all those problems.

    I was thinking about a way to easily check and fix these problems and that’s how I solve it:

    Of Course, it’s wise backup your XML files before anything just in case something go wrong!

    To Edit a gamelist, you can use excel import/export XML feature.
    (Developer tab/XML/Import)

    Then, Excel will ask to create a XML template, just accept.

    Then you will see something like the attached screenshot.
    Excel will create a column with each tag, so you can compare the ROM Filename versus Game Name found by the scrapper.

    You can edit or delete values, for exemple the image path that will force the scrapper to check the game again so, you can make a user decide scrapper and get the right ones.

    In Resume:

    Run automatic scraper (Some games will get wrong values)
    Import the gamelist.xml to excel
    Check if path (filename) match name (game name found by scrapper)
    Delete the image for games that did not match
    Run the scrapper a second time, this time with user decide option only in the games missing image.

    This was the best way to get an organized gamelist for me.
    Hope this help someone else.

    PS: Sorry for my bad English, its not my home language and I did never had a single English class.

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    Great advice! I’ve been there, manually trying to edit these XML-files and it takes forever. This will probably help speeding things up.


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