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    Hi, I am trying to buy a controller to use with Retroepie when I get around to getting a Raspberry pi3. I need to know wether the controller needs to be a Dualshock 3 in order to work, or if the older Sixaxis controllers also work. Also, I can not seem to find an answer to wether or not the internal bluetooth of the retropie 3 is sufficient to connect a ps3 controller, or if a dongle is still needed. Thanks in advance :)

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    So, doing a search for “Sixaxis” here on the site gave me a post with a bunch of random links. Using the “Command F” function and searching “Sixaxis” on the current page gave me one result, and I found one link that contained the word:


    The title and content of the page give me reason to believe that you CAN use the Sixaxis controller with Retropie. Now only my bluetooth related question has yet to be answered…

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    I’ve always used my old sixaxis over bluetooth with my Pi2 and Pi3 with a USB bluetooth dongle.

    Having said that, recent builds may have an issue with all PS3 controllers over bluetooth.

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    i have controller ps3 china cechzc2u and shaman, gasia or standar doesn’t work.

    anyone can help me for config my controller china ps3 ?

    thx a lot

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