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    I am using the last version of retropie on a 64 gb microsd card (it a new card, fat32 formated).
    I am in trouble with the sdcard disk space… Only 50 Mo are available…
    Only the Retropie software is installed on the sdcard…

    I tried the same operation with a 8 gb micro sdcard and 50 Mo are also avalaible…

    Someone would have an idea about what it’s happening ?

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    If you already have retropie installed just plug it in and it will work.
    Then use
    sudo raspi-config
    to expand your filesystem to utilise all of the space on your card.
    If you are on windows and it only shows your SD card as 50mb that is because the rest of the card is formatted as exfat which windows can’t read so to windows the rest of your SD card is essentially invisible. Exfat is a format used by linux. (As opposed to fat32 used by windows)
    If your card by default has 50mb without you doing anything to it with win32diskimager likelihood is that its corrupted and its time for a new SD card (that is what happened to me once)
    See this set of YouTube videos to get yourself on your feet from a fresh install:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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