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    Maybe I’m just blind and/or stupid, but a thread where users could read about development progress and comment on changes would be nice. As it is know I guess it’s a bit spread out over the whole forum? But maybe I’m wrong.

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    You can see what is being updated here:

    And you can make suggestions for new features here:

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    Sure, I could look through the Git commits, but that’s a lot of reading without actually learning much about what features etc are actually being worked on.

    What I mean is, something like a bullet point list. What’s being worked on, what’s planned for the future, etc.
    It could also be a good place to post short news, like when releasing new versions.

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    The github commit history shows exactly what we’re working on, you cant any more detailed than that.

    I started a Google doc for viable feature requests/ things I’d like to implement in the future (some of them I’m currently working on now- like integrating video splashscreens)

    Also with each release there is a changelog showing what has been updated which I mirror on the wiki:

    (BTW 3.0 stable should be released any day now)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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