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    ..sorry for my harsh words but at this point I think you are all full of shit!
    I have my pi2 for almost a month now, and this little piece of garbage refuses to work!
    At first I followed tutorials of Floob and Techtipsta to get retropie running and it worked… UNTIL I WANTED TO BOOT IT FOR THE 4TH TIME, then I always got crazy errors!
    Then I installed RecalboxOS via NOOBS and the same shit happend again! after I wanted it to boot for the 4th time I got the crazy errors on my screen yet again!
    I thought “hey maybe my microSD is broken” (Transcend 16gb class 10) so I bought a new one. The ADATA microSDHC CARD UHS-1 16gb class 10 (both of them were cards which were labled as usable for the raspberry pi 2) BUT NOOBS wont even work with it! neither does Retropie!
    Yes, I tested even another powersupply and 2 different card readers and differend hd cables. That leaves only one option, that all your stuff is broken as hell!
    By the way I spend 90 bucks on this so called low cost pc/media center, so please get your shit together!

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day

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    The majority of users on the forum seem to be able to set up their retropie just fine so all I can say is pebcak.

    While I will openly admit there are plenty of things retropie can improve on, it is first of all free, so you get what you pay for.

    Second of all its open source which means if there is a problem anyone in the community has the opportunity to provide fixes to the source code.

    Thirdly there are plenty of people willing to help out on the forum and they will respond much more kindly to constructive feedback rather than criticism, since calling out the people who spend their free time working hard to get things working- at no cost to the user – is probably not the most effective way of solving problems.

    And lastly it is quite possible your issues may not even have anything to do with retropie at all considering your issues were constant across the board for all things you tried… Just a thought.

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    Sounds like a constant improper shutdown which ended up re-corrupting your sd card.

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    My suggestion would be to eBay your Pi, power supply etc. as I’m sure someone else would be able to get it to work. Then go out and buy a SFF PC and have a much easier time with Windows.

    I’ve been running RetroPie since a few months after its first release and I assume you it is the most stable it has ever been.

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    Well, I’m not sure where full of shit came from, but everyone here and the various other projects have been super helpful from my point of view, and I think the constructive responses to your poorly written post kinda prove that.

    Either way, you’re clearly frustrated which we can all understand, so hopefully I can help a little.

    If you want the most basic easy to use system, install recalbox directly, not through noobs. It’s only a few hundred meg and pretty much fool proof:

    It will run right out of the gate, but is very basic as far as tweaking and emulators goes. It’s pretty much controlled by retroboy, though he does a good job.

    RetroPie is a bit more advanced and does require some Linux skills. So you’ll need a hell of a lot more patience and commitment to having a tinker to get the job done. But it is satisfying when you get it done.

    Failing that, sell your Pi and buy a yum cha retro console. But they suck too.

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    The most common problem, in my experience, is a bad MicroSD which keeps giving I/O errors even after formatting it.

    I got RetroPie working like a charm (some MAME titles are slow but still) SNES/PSX/Megadrive all work like a charm and the GBA is also very impressive.

    You mention several different installs all fail so my guess is the problem is on your end.

    Try another MicroSD (2gb one or 4gb one) and try from there, perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised.

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    I wasted one SD-card on my older RPI1 mod B due to absurde overclocking settings and dozens of different installations & re-writings of Openelec, Kodi, Raspbian, Pidora, RetroPie, you name it… but you can’t really blame the actual RPI/RPI2 for those kind of problems.

    SD-cards, like USB flash drives, can more or less go bad (get corrupted/get fucked up) – in a blink of an eye – so it’s wise to always have a spare SD-card just in case.

    And as written before: Retropie/RPI do require some experience of using Linux, and patience, and not to say the least – listen to other peoples advices first.

    Check out Floob’s video guides on Youtube, Techtipsta’s as well and take the best parts of information from both of them to get a sense of how this hardware and software works.

    It’s worth spending a couple of hours watching tutorials wether it be Blender, GIMP, AutoCad/FreeCAD, RetroPie or Linux on Youtube – in the end – you’ll benefit from it.

    Good luck, have fun.

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