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    Hey everyone, this will be my first post on the forums! :)

    I have the raspberry pie rev B, which i’ve installed retropie on, using the prepared image version.

    i had no trouble setting up the controls using my old, wired USB controller (with both a d-pad and analog sticks). But i wanted some greater distance to the system, since my couch is on the other side. So i bought a Trust GXT 30, wireless controller (USB).

    Using the initial configuration in emulationstation and setting up the controller for the menus worked great. Then i set it up for retro-arch, and i wanted to use the d-pad instead of the analog sticks, since i’m only playing SNES games. However, doing this resulted in that the d-pad wouldn’t work in the games (only in emulationstation). All other keybindings worked as they should.

    After a few tries without any success, i tried to map the analog stick instead of the d-pad. Which actually worked just fine! Except the great loss in precision for gaming. So i would really want the d-pad to work.

    When i try to map the d-pad, i can se in the retroarch.cfg that they are represented as “hats” (up = h0up, down = h0down, and so on), which differes from my old, wired controller.

    I hace tried looking around, but haven’t found any real help on the subject. Does anyone have any idea of what’s wrong?

    Best regards,

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    I have the same problem, the d-pad works in emulatorstation but not in any of the emulators

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Solved my own problem. I’m using the ps3 controller over bluetooth. Have to use the following config:

    <inputConfig type=”joystick” deviceName=”Sony Computer Entertainment Wireless Controller”>
    <input name=”a” type=”button” id=”13″ value=”6″ />
    <input name=”b” type=”button” id=”14″ value=”5″ />
    <input name=”down” type=”button” id=”6″ value=”2″ />
    <input name=”left” type=”button” id=”7″ value=”3″ />
    <input name=”menu” type=”button” id=”16″ value=”7″ />
    <input name=”pagedown” type=”button” id=”10″ value=”9″ />
    <input name=”pageup” type=”button” id=”11″ value=”10″ />
    <input name=”right” type=”button” id=”5″ value=”4″ />
    <input name=”select” type=”button” id=”12″ value=”8″ />
    <input name=”up” type=”button” id=”4″ value=”1″ />

    I set the values to 1 before

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    He Guys

    Im also having trouble with the Dpad in game. When i press the down or left key on the dpad it not only gives a down and left command but also it signals A for some reason.

    And should i use the “h0up” thing or the -[value] thing to configure the dpad or both?

    Kind regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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