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    Hey everyone, this will be my first post on the forums! :)

    I have the raspberry pie rev B, which i’ve installed retropie on, using the prepared image version.

    i had no trouble setting up the controls using my old, wired USB controller (with both a d-pad and analog sticks). But i wanted some greater distance to the system, since my couch is on the other side. So i bought a Trust GXT 30, wireless controller (USB).

    Using the initial configuration in emulationstation and setting up the controller for the menus worked great. Then i set it up for retro-arch, and i wanted to use the d-pad instead of the analog sticks, since i’m only playing SNES games. However, doing this resulted in that the d-pad wouldn’t work in the games (only in emulationstation). All other keybindings worked as they should.

    After a few tries without any success, i tried to map the analog stick instead of the d-pad. Which actually worked just fine! Except the great loss in precision for gaming. So i would really want the d-pad to work.

    When i try to map the d-pad, i can se in the retroarch.cfg that they are represented as “hats” (up = h0up, down = h0down, and so on), which differes from my old, wired controller.

    I hace tried looking around, but haven’t found any real help on the subject. Does anyone have any idea of what’s wrong?

    Best regards,


    I have the same problem, the d-pad works in emulatorstation but not in any of the emulators

    Any help will be greatly appreciated


    Solved my own problem. I’m using the ps3 controller over bluetooth. Have to use the following config:

    <inputConfig type=”joystick” deviceName=”Sony Computer Entertainment Wireless Controller”>
    <input name=”a” type=”button” id=”13″ value=”6″ />
    <input name=”b” type=”button” id=”14″ value=”5″ />
    <input name=”down” type=”button” id=”6″ value=”2″ />
    <input name=”left” type=”button” id=”7″ value=”3″ />
    <input name=”menu” type=”button” id=”16″ value=”7″ />
    <input name=”pagedown” type=”button” id=”10″ value=”9″ />
    <input name=”pageup” type=”button” id=”11″ value=”10″ />
    <input name=”right” type=”button” id=”5″ value=”4″ />
    <input name=”select” type=”button” id=”12″ value=”8″ />
    <input name=”up” type=”button” id=”4″ value=”1″ />

    I set the values to 1 before


    He Guys

    Im also having trouble with the Dpad in game. When i press the down or left key on the dpad it not only gives a down and left command but also it signals A for some reason.

    And should i use the “h0up” thing or the -[value] thing to configure the dpad or both?

    Kind regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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