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    I create my own console with 6 playable buttons + 1 insert coin + 1 start player 1 button to play ONLY mame games.
    I want to have back the 80’s where I was going to an arcade house and stay there for hours.

    I notice that some games I can use the InsertCoin button that is translated to “Selected Button” in RetoPie and some other games not!

    Trying to resolve this issue I found that if I use the mame-mamelibretro emultator I could map TAB key where I can configure for each game the InsertCoin button and the all the other buttons.
    First question: How can enable this option in Mame-mame4all???

    The emulator mame-mamelibretro is not bad and for the games that I choose I found no issues, but, when I leave the game the button configuration is not persistent and I have to do all over again every time that want to play the game.
    I try to find how can I save this configuration with no luck and that is why I’m asking you guys.
    Second question: How to I persist the button configuration for each game???

    tkx all for the help
    Paulo Aboim Pinto
    Odivelas – Portugal


    I am having the same issues with the libretro mames.

    Some games select works as the default coin button and some do not. Some will only allow coins to be inserted on the player 2 gamepad. Even when I manually re-map the coin button from the in-game menu it doesn’t work.

    Also, I’m not clear on how to configure retroarch per cite as the tutirial floob made is outdated and the retroarch menu options are different.

    Mame is, by far, the most frustrating aspect to configure on RetroPie.


    Check this thread. This might help.

    LR-MAME. How to set custom controls?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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