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    Hi all!

    First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone here who contributes to this great project, including the many YouTube tutorial videos.

    I recently installed the latest 3.0 BETA 4 build on my Pi 2 and am pretty much set control wise across two iBuffalo SNES controllers and two generic arcade sticks. The one issue or bugbear if you will is the default remapping that RetroArch applies to certain consoles/emulators.

    For instance when using my stick or SNES controller on the Megadrive/Genesis I find that it tends to map the Megadrive’s ABC buttons to YBA on the SNES pad or stick. I’d like to try remap this configuration so that I can map the Megadrive ABC to BAR on the SNES pad (and likewise XYZ to YXL).

    Usually someone would simply suggest to edit RetroArch.cfg and be done with it. This however doesn’t work well for me as I use both pads and sticks and switch up quite a bit. After some searching I found that this problem has somewhat been addressed by RetroArch in the form of the tool Common Input Remapping Options, whereby you can set what the emulator inputs equate to on a RetroPad/SNES pad.

    For instance you can select MegaDrive C button to be RetroPad R button. Great! One problem I’ve encountered is that whilst I can find the option in the RetroArch menu, it does not open or do anything when selected. There’s very scarce information on this config option online, but I did find a blog post showing the feature at (scroll down to the bottom of the post to see a screenshot). I’ll attach a copy of the screenshot to this post for conveniece too.

    So my question is twofold I guess:

    A) Is there any way to get this feature of RetroArch working so that I can map my Megadrive controls how I like them across all my pads?

    B) If not are there any workarounds or manual ways to implement this, whereby I can plug and play between two different controllers and not have to change the RetroArch.cfg file each time.

    Sorry for such a long post and many thanks in advance for any help!


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    The core input remapping option doesn’t work for me either, so its likely an upstream issue that will need to be addressed. Taalas and I have been trying to sort out the whole configs things as well- you can see our progress here: it has diagrams that show the default retropad configurations (they are also on all of the retropie wiki pages)

    As far as I understand it without the ability to modify the core inputs you have potentially two options that I can think of (both of which aren’t super effective)

    – Autoconfigs: you can set up your autoconfigs for each controller to be mapped as you like for the genesis and then either swap out the files (which will be in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads) or reconfigure them each time you switch emulators (which is also an inconvenience)

    – Retroarch.cfg you can modify this file to be hardcoded specific to when you open the megadrive emulator /opt/retropie/configs/megadrive/retroarch.cfgand I’ve found out something in regards to player order (at least with autoconfigs, it may also apply to retroarch.cfg)- its based off of where you plug in your usb:

    Controller Player Order

    But there may also be a more effective way than what I can think of, if you’ve got any better ideas I’d be happy to hear them as I’m interested in finding a solution myself :)

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    Hi Herb,

    Thanks for the reply and tips. Those images are a great idea and its great to know about controller player assignment also.

    I’ve gotten a little closer to getting RetroArch to read the remapping file. I found the following thread on the topic at In that case the person was unable to use the RGUI to save his core input remapping preferences and asked about how he could do this manually.

    Someone kindly copy and pasted the default remapping configuration contents, which would be saved and directed to using the ‘input_remapping_directory = ‘ line in retroarch.cfg.

    I tried this myself using the whole path as opposed to just the directory and it didn’t seem to have an effect. What I haven’t yet figured out is what naming conventions are meant to be used for the remapping file. I can see from that the code is using .rmp as the standard extension but I am unable to work out what the naming convention should be.

    It could just be that the remapping feature has not been implemented at all in the retropie 3.0 BETA 4 build and that is why the rgui will not let me go further, but I thought it was worth a shot to try and get it going manually.

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    Just FYI, the core input remapping feature is now working:

    Just update your setup script, and reinstall retroarch from binary and you can change the core remappings under the quick menu in the rgui.

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