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    So I am planning to make a Retropie mini console for a friend. I’ve set up mine own almost exactly the way I want, and I don’t want to redo every damn thing, copy all the contents, etc. just to make a new Retropie.

    How do I copy everything on the existing Mini SD to a new formatted card so I can make another card with everything set up? This has to be possible … right?

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    Use dd to image it.
    sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/sdX of=filename.img
    Write it back by doing the reverse.

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    A more user user friendly way if you have a Windows PC would be to use a program called ‘Win32 Disk Imager’. You can put the SD card in your computer and this program can read from it and make a image (.img) file. You can then use this program again to write the image file to a new SD cards of your choice. It will be identical.

    I do this to make backups of my RetroPie in case I do something wrong and mess it up.

    Heres a Link

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    ApplePi Baker does the job on OSX indeed: it’s a very nice little app.

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    Thanks guys! I’ll give those a shot. Mac here, so I’ll try the Apple Pi Baker.

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