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    When I first got started testing out EmulationStation I used an old PS1 controller with a USB converter and everything worked fine. I ordered 2 Tomee USB SNES controllers from amazon and I seem to be having random issues. Oddly enough they work fine in-game. The problem is with the menu. Sometimes EmulationStation loads up and it’s as if my controller is stuck on LEFT D-PAD, the menu just keeps scrolling left. Sometimes it loads up fine. When I’m able to get into an emulator’s game list it I can load ROMs and play just fine, but while I’m in the list, sometimes it automatically scrolls down non stop until I press up.

    I seem to have more problems when 2 controllers are plugged and I have even more problems when I have an LED hooked up to the GPIO. FYI, I am using this circuit from Mausberry Circuits to be able to use the POWER and RESET buttons as well as the LED from an old NES.

    Do you think this could be a power issue? Could a stronger power supply fix this? I’m currently uing a power supply from a Motorola phone:
    INPUT: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.15A
    OUTPUT: 5.0V — 500mA

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    hey dover19,

    i have 4 of those controllers with my retropie

    the issue is either with the controllers themselves (sticky buttons?) or with the fact ES may be too sensitive

    i know of one REALLY EASY way to fix this, could just be temporary though depending on the controller itself. press everything on the controller REALLY hard, then re-register it in ES and in retroarch

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    I believe i have the same controllers and i have the same issues. In game there is NO problem what so ever. It only happens in emulation station when there are 2 controllers plugged in. BTW i’m using a 1.6 amp velleman power supply and i have the same issue. Also i disassembled one controller (player 2) to make sure there were no phantom presses going on. What helps for me is turning of quick system switch. Then it’s impossible to get the random left right presses. I’m almost certain it has to do with the interpretation of the data coming from the controllers in emulationstation. Maybe too low a debouncing/false positive detection or it just gets confused by the second controller.

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