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    Quick Question:

    I have 5 controllers showing up in my ES Setup. I believe they are the following:

    1. 8Bitdo NES30
    2. 8Bitdo SFC30
    3. Microsoft XBOX 360 Receiver
    4. Microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Gamepad
    5. Microsoft 4000 Keyboard

    When I load a game and go into RetroArch I always get the keyboard to be #0, then the Xbox 360 as #1, and the 8Bitdo controllers to be #2 or #3. To get my 8Bitdo controllers to be active I have to unplug the keyboard, then pull out the batteries from the xbox wireless controller, then the 8Bitdo controllers are usable.

    Does anyone have a way to set controller priority within ES, RetroPie, or RetroArch in a manner that would fix my issue?

    Thank you,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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