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    I know you guys have probably heard this a million times, but I’m new to Retropie. I have a general idea of what I’m doing though.

    So, here’s the issue i’m faced with… I’ve been using a wired XBOX360 controller to play my games. When it asks me for manual configuration, I switch around the schemes for dpad and control stick. See, most of the games are programmed for me to use dpad instead of control stick. So, when I input the dpad controls like it asks me to, I have to rely entirely on the dpad for all these games. I WANT to use the control stick because it is much easier and more fun- so I disobey the instructions and switch them around.

    Normally, this would be an easy work around to play the games the way I want to, but when I set the controls like this, NONE of the controls work for N64.

    I have 2 choices.
    1. switch the control pad scheme in setup with left analog so that all games except n64 use left analog (much more easy to play with than pad). N64 literally does not work for some reason if I do this.
    2. setup control pad how it asks me to- which makes it so every console but N64 uses control pad. N64 now works, but every other console requires control pad which is difficult and not fun to control with.

    I’m not sure why N64 stops working whenever I do this, but I shouldn’t have to choose between being able to play N64 and having fun playing every other console.

    I want a configuration file specifically for N64 that overrides the original control scheme and makes it so the controller works how EmulationStation asked me to set it up. I’ve looked all over google for codes that would make this possible to no avail. It would be great if I could get a solution for this. Thanks!

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    I have a suggestion.

    It will be easiest for you to wait for the next release of retropie which should hopefully be in the next month or so (I’m shooting for before Christmas)

    Then configure your controllers as the diagrams suggest in the wiki

    And then to address your preference for the analog stick instead of the dpad there is a setting you can change from the retropie setup script for retroarch controller configs (the values are changed from 0 to 1) to make the controller use the analog stick instead of the dpad (I’ll make a wiki page with more info later when I have some time for more details)

    Then as far as the n64 controls go those will be automatically configured for you with the next release of retropie as well.

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