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    Hi there,

    Great job on the script. You guys did an amazing job.

    I have installed it fine- and have gone through the initial setup of the game-pad on the first boot.

    Though- when I start an emulator (NES in this case)- my gamepad is completely unresponsive.

    What am I doing wrong? Have I missed a step?

    Any help appreciated.



    Hey mate,

    drop into terminal (F4) or ssh and do this..

    cd ~/RetroPie/emulators/RetroArch/tools

    sudo ./retroarch-joyconfig -o p1.cfg -p 1 -j 0
    ( -o for output file, -p for player, -j for joystick id )

    then do this

    sudo cat p*.cfg >> ~/RetroPie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg

    this will setup the controls for the emulators.

    good luck


    Hi Karloss,

    Thank you for taking the time.

    I tried this last night- and had to adjust some of the code here “sudo cat p*.cfg >> ~/RetroPie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg” to get a result (or to it to look like it was doing something)

    Unfortunately, even when it ran through the commands, nothing happened when I started the NES emulator and NES rom again. It was unresponsive.

    Though, a couple of quick questions, and apologies, Im quite a novice with this.

    Also, one thing that I’ve had some confusion with when reading up about various commands- is the ~ symbol?

    Do I type the ~ symbol?
    Where I have previously, its come back with bad directory commands.

    Thank you for your help.



    Hey mate, no problem on the questions, we are all learning…

    yeah you need to put the “~” symbol, notice though, the font on this forum makes it look strange, on the sudo cat command it is the “~” that is a squigly line on the “#” key (on my uk keyboard) same for the cd command at the top, for the options for the script, it is the “-” (button next to the + key)

    I have uploaded it all in just a text file, so copy and past straight into your ssh terminal..

    you will probably need to remove all the “input_playerx_joy” stuff from the bottom of your retroarch.cfg first, so it doesn’t get confussed


    Karloss, thank you so much. This seems to have worked.

    I tried logging in via SSH to do the command, instead of doing it from the RP. Seems to have made a difference.

    The gamepad is a little laggy, though, I suspect its the gamepad itself. A very cheap USB one from chinatown near my work. Maybe I’ll try to get a better one and see if it improves.



    I have a similiar problem and found this thread. Thanks for the answer. Instead of opening another Thread for a similar problem i will just post here. However with your idea only 2 of 3 controllers work.
    I followed your advice and used the joyconfig tool for 3 controllers (usb noname controller from bigben) In emulationstation it works just fine for scrolling.
    The Controller configs i created with the joyconfig tool where stored at:

    Unluckily in SNES games i can only use 2 of 3 controllers. It seems retropi wont like a 3-controller setup
    Is there anything special i need to do, when i want to use three controllers?
    I only want to play SNES with 3 controllers (got secret of mana und super bomberman ROMS, which are playable with 3 controllers on original SNES)
    I Would really appreaciate some help :).


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