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    I’ve had quite a bit of trouble getting my raspberry pie 2 working with an NTSC signal. I cannot get the device to produce a signal (via rca adapter) that either my NTSC TV or HDTV will accept.

    Some details on my progress…
    – my rca cable adapter seems good, during the boot process I see the retro pie boot graphic scrambled for a second or two on the screen.
    – can’t get the rca cable to work on either tv, but hdmi works fine on the hdtv
    – tried several low res frame buffers
    – hdtv aspect ration set to 4:3
    – hdtv set to 0 (ntsc), but I tried them all

    For some reason it seems this device is outputting at a frequency or resolution that my TVs don’t like. Is is possible that my rca/composite adapter is the problem? It does send a video signal on the right channel, but it’s not one that the TVs like. I’m out of ideas, hoping someone here might have some suggestions.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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