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    Hi I’m trying to wire up an Atari style controller port I got from an old NES-on-a-chip game i had that no longer worked and want to wire it up to the RPI so I can use my Atari2600 CX40 in Atari games.

    These are the pinouts I have found. I was wondering what I2C, UART, SPI are and if it is safe to use them?

    Failing them I figured I would Attack the pins like
    Atari RPIB+
    1 29
    2 31
    3 33
    4 35
    6 37
    7 2
    8 39

    However someone at atariage was telling me that i need pickup resistors and was saying something about using 3.3 and attaching it to each pin. All in all I’m rather confused.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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